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Landscape services


These are just a few of the landscapes we have done. Contact us if you need anything done

This is a hillside landscape with a waterfall in it. Designed with old twisted logs. Some with holes in them making them natures flowerpot. Also the use of many different rocks and mulches of different sizes shapes and colors, flowing through the landscape. 

hillside landscape with waterfall

This is the right side of the same landscape. With a nice little log stairway to the top.

log stairway

How can we help ? The answer is in many ways. We can remove grass, for a new flowerbed. Then we could add different colors, textures and levels. With rocks, mulches and logs. This is just one possible direction.

Many landscape options! We like to focus our business around flowerbeds.

This is an example of the color and texture changes that can be displayed in a flowerbed

small colorful landscape

So if you have any thing you want done having to do with flowerbeds. We should get together and get them done.

Contact info                        208-590-1310

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