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Hi my name is Ron Samson


This is me pretending to be musical

A friend made this picture for me and I liked it so I am sharing it with you.

a picture of me

Things to say about me I am going to try to be humble but that will be hard because I am so special.

In the beginning I was born and then I started to grow up at the age of 9 I started working on an onion farm. I was fired the second day for playing with a turtle. But the next year I worked the whole summer at my 90 cents an hour. From that time on I worked the farm every year until I was 17. Next I joined the army for 2 years. After the army I worked at a yard care business for one year. The next year I started my own 20 years old and a big business man. I have been learning from that day until today and still learning. I am now 66 years old. How many years is that?

I have spent the last 20 years figuring out how to get the items I am creating to pass my scrutiny I believe I have achieved this goal. Now my goal is to create many new and interesting goods for your and my pleasure.

Contact info                208-590-1310

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